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MFA English Program

University of Mississippi

The Elvis Meets Einstein Award


We’re thrilled to announce a new award expressly for the University of Mississippi M.F.A. students!  The Elvis Meets Einstein Award the brainchild of D. C. Berry, the first ever officially named Good Buddy of the M.F. A. Program.  The name says it all: winning entries should be both FUNNY and SMART.  The prizes reward good, fresh writing and will get some cash in the pockets of two UM M.F.A. students every year.  The award may vary in amount as the endowment will change a bit every year, but will be a nice chunk of change.  This year the award will be in the amount of $3,000 per winner!


  1. The Elvis Meets Einstein Awards are open only to full-time UM M.F.A. students in Creative Writing.
  2. Two awards will be given, one in poetry and one in prose (fiction or nonfiction).
  3. Size matters: the entries must be ONE PAGE only (one one side of regular 8.5 x 11 inch paper, with one-inch margins and size 12 font).
  4. Contest opens January 1.  Deadline for submissions is the Friday before Valentine’s Day.  Please submit to the English Department Secretary.  Submit TWO copies: one with your name and contact information, and one without.
  5. Entries will be anonymously judged by a Non-Academic selected by M.F.A. faculty.
  6. The recipient will be announced on the Friday before St. Patrick’s Day.

Eventually, we might collect winning entries and publish them, or have winning students read their entries on the Thacker Mountain Radio show.  We’ve got lots of plans and dreams.  If you’re interested in helping see some to fruition through a donation, please contact the UM Foundation at 662-915-5944.