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Current and former Univ. of MS MFA students/faculty/Grisham writers: come party with OLE MISS at AWP!

Last year's AWP reading/reception at the Academy Creative in Seattle raised the bar.  So as not to be outdone, we're hosting this year's … [Read More...]


Jack Pendarvis will discuss writing for the Cartoon Network show “Adventures with Adventure Time.” Nov. 11th, at 7p.m. Overby Auditorium.

Jack Pendarvis: Adventures with Adventure Time.  Tues. Nov. 11, 7pm, Overby Auditorium.  Pendarvis, a writer for the Cartoon Network … [Read More...]


Michael Shea Receives Fulbright U.S. Student Award

Click HERE for the full story. … [Read More...]

Hawks on Wires

Dave Smith



Derrick Harriell


The Tilted World

Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly


The Ecopoetry Anthology

Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura Gray-Street

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Open House

by Beth Ann Fennelly “With its high spirits, its love of textures of different kinds of writing . . . [this] is an immensely lively performance.” —Robert Hass


Poachers: Stories

  by Tom Franklin             In ten stunning and bleak tales set in the woodlands, swamps and chemical plants along the Alabama River, Tom Franklin stakes his claim as a fresh, original Southern voice. His lyric, deceptively simple prose conjures a world where the default setting is violence, a world… [Continue Reading]



by Ann Fisher-Wirth


True Blood

by Chris Offutt


10 Moons and 13 Horses

by Gary Short Gary Short’s new collection is the work of a mature poet at the peak of his powers, confident of his ability to speak of human betrayal and the fragility of life without bitterness or cheap sentiment, to find poignancy in loss and exaltation in the outwardly mundane. His voice is lyrical, tough,… [Continue Reading]


Shut Up, Ugly

Jack Pendarvis


M.F.A. Video